Weaver Leather Livestock PROSheen


Your go-to product for getting the ultimate shine in the show ring! Fortified with vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and sun barrier, this formula repels dust and dirt from hair follicles while enhancing the hair coat with a lustrous shine. Perfect for providing a beautiful sheen before entering the show ring as well as for daily use to encourage healthy hair, this concentrated formula is perfect for travel. Just 4 oz. of this concentrated formula yields a quart of product. Shake well before using. Add 4 oz. Stierwalt ProSheen to every 28 oz. of water using the guides at left of label. Hard water may require a higher ratio of product to water for best results. Spray on, comb in and finish by blowing dry. Apply daily to promote a soft luster, repel dust and dirt, and protect hair follicles from the sun. Washing out not required. Recommended for show cattle but can be used on all livestock. Pint (16 fl. oz.)

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Formulated as a light polish that remains nonsticky when dry, Weaver Sheen conditions and shines while repelling dust and dirt from hair follicles. Applying this product daily is the first step in promoting healthy hair care. Suitable for use on all livestock.

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