Oral Suspension for Use in Cattle and Sheep for removal and control of liver flukes, tapeworms, stomach worms, intestinal wroms, lungworms.


Active Ingredient………………………………………..11.36%  (Equivalent to 113.6 mg/ml)
Indications: Valbazen is broad-spectrum anthelmintic effective in the removal and control of the following internal parasites in cattle and sheep:




Dosage and Administrations: Valbazen Suspension should be administered to cattle at the recommended rate of 4mL/100lb of body weight (equivalent to 4.54mg of albendazole/lb of body weight (equivalent to 3.4mg of albendazole/lb. 7.5 mg/kg.) The following table indicates recommended dosing schedules


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Body Wt. Dosage Body Wt. Dosage
250lb 10 mL 1000 lb 40 mL
500lb 20 mL 1250 lb 50 mL
750lb 30 mL 1500 lb 60 mL





Body Wt. Dosage Body Wt. Dosage
25 lb 0.75 mL 100 lb 3.0 mL
50 lb 1.5 mL 200 lb 6.0 mL
75 lb 2.25 mL 300 lb 9.0 mL


Cattle: 1 Liter of Valbazen 11.36% Suspension will treat 50 animals weighing 500lb. Sheep : 1 liter of Valbazen 11.36% Suspension will treat 664 animals weighing 50lb. Valbazen 11.36% Suspension should be given orally using any type of standard dosing gun or does syringe. Important: Accurate estimates of the weight of the cattle and sheep to be treated are essential for most effective results with this product. Animals constantly exposed to internal parasites should be retreated as necessary. Warnings: Cattle must not be slaughtered within 27 days following last treatment. Sheep must not be slaughtered within 7 days following last treatment. Because a withdrawl time in milk has not been established, do not use in female dairy cattle of breeding age. Caution: Do not administer to female cattle during first 45 days of pregnancy or for 45 days after removal of bulls. Do not administer ewes during the first 30 days of pregnancy or for 30 days after removal of rams. Consult you veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism.



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Weight 4 lbs
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500ml, 1 liter, 5 liter


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