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The Smart Fence is Gallagher’s revolutionary new portable fencing system. It is a four-wire, fully-portable, all-in-one electric fence system that can be quickly and easily erected and dismantled by people with no prior temporary fencing experience. The origins of the Smart Fence can be traced back to the Swiss Alps. Gallagher’s Swiss team first had the idea of creating a multi-wire fence, similar to a pull-out clothesline, where all the wires unwind at once. Such a simple concept eventually turned into the Smart Fence product – an international success story set to redefine the concept of portable fencing. The reason for its worldwide appeal? Unlike traditional temporary fencing which uses multiple reels and standards, the Smart Fence is easy to carry and store and very simple to put up. Once erected and connected to an energizer, it provides an extremely safe, effective barrier for use in a wide range of situations. Product Features The Smart Fence is a four-wire completely portable, instant, all in one electric fence system. Quick and easy to put up and take down. Four wires, ten posts and 100m (330ft) length provides an optimal, easy to install instant electric fencing solution. Easy to carry and store away. The Smart Fence combines posts, reels and wire all in one easily transportable package. The four wire system ensures highly effective, safe animal control. Can be used on all types of terrain – works just as well on rolling contour as it does in a flat paddock. The Smart Fence has a variety of uses, including: Create a temporary paddock within a larger paddock for a specific number of drafted animals Divide paddocks for more efficient grazing Graze animals in non-fenced areas Provide a safer roadside grazing option versus a single wire fence Deliver easy and fast fencing for remote grazing areas Quick fix patch-up option for problem areas on permanent fences Fence off silage bale stacks Compatible with Gallagher energizers. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

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