Nutri-Drench for Sheep and Goats


Contains only natural nutritional ingredients Glucose, High vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids A great all around product for weak and chilled lambs, animals that are off feed, pneumonia, shipping stress, pregnancy toxemia, all lambs in first hours after birth. One of the best products on the market. Every lambing barn needs this product.

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Backed by 2 U.S. patents, 20 years research and field trials on over 500,000 animals. Bovidr Nutri-Drops and Nutri-Drench are premium, nutrient rich, liquid supplements developed to rapidly deliver high energy and all vital nutrients to a non-functioning immune system faster than ever before possible Feed and supplements normally require 8-14 hours for digestion. Nutri-Drench and Nutri-Drops do not require digestion. It is the first and only oral supplement to rapidly absorb directly to the bloodstream in minutes, while others are still in digestion. It is measurable in the bloodstream in minutes; 50% is utilized in 30 minutes; complete utilization in 4 hours. Disease or high stress conditions create nutritional deficiencies. Animals off feed not only suffer weight loss but need immediate support to avoid further complications, costly treatment or death. Fast response has a big impact on bottom line profit. Our patents are granted based on “enhanced speed of nutrient bio-availability”. The speed of nutrient delivery is comparable to injection with a hypodermic needle.

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