Crosley’s Fungus Prevention Special


Package comes with the following.

1 bottle of Special Purpose Shampoo

1 bottle of Prevent

1 bottle of Replenish



Infection Prevention in Three Easy Steps
Step 1: Special Purpose Shampoo
A gentle effective antimicrobial detergent that cleanse you animals daily or weekly without excessive drying of the skin and hair. Effectively controls bacteria and fungus that exist on the surface and lower layers of the skin.
Step 2: Prevent
Prevent is topically applied when used regularly kills bacteria and fungus. Safe to use as a daily for weekly protection for skin hair and hooves, acting within 30 minutes of application.
Prevent is ideal for after the show protection. Immediately apply prevent after the animals are in contact with judges, handlers, and other animals. Prevent should be used on newly purchased animals providing a disease barrier before they are introduced into your flock. Should you detect an infectious outbreak, begin immediately to apply prevent several times per day to help rapidly clear the outbreak. Prevent also acts as a short-term insect repellant.
Step 3: Replenish
Sheep and goats have their own natural oils that are essential to waterproof, lubricate, and protect the animal’s skin and hair.
Replenish is specially designed to replaces the natural barrier protecting skin and hair to keep both healthy, and moisturized. Replenish provides a protective water repellant barrier for the surface of the skin and hair follicles. Prevent contains essential oils to protect skin from infection by forming an antimicrobial barrier to keep disease-causing microbes out.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in


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