CO RID 9.6% Solution


CORID is easy to use as a drench, mixed in the drinking water, and in-feed formulation1, and its liquid formulation ensures the active ingredient will reach the intestine, even in animals with reduced feed intake and low GI motility. By stopping coccidia in the small intestine, CORID prevents more damaging coccidiosis in the large intestine


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lWhen CORID works CORID stops coccidia at a critical stage in the host animal’s small intestine to prevent more damaging coccidiosis in the large intestine. By acting on the young asexual stages of the coccidia life cycle, CORID allows exposure to first-generation schizonts, so the host animal can develop natural immunity to coccidia. This makes CORID effective as a preventive therapy. How CORID pays PREVENT THE DISEASE – Use a 21-day prevention program. Administer CORID when experience tells you conditions are favorable for the development of coccidiosis or any time cattle are exposed to unusual stress CORID effectively breaks the coccidia life cycle before a clinical coccidiosis outbreak can occur Preventing coccidiosis allows animals to absorb nutrients naturally, so they maintain the ability to fight stress CORID helps to reduce the spread of infective coccidia oocysts TREAT THE OUTBREAK – Use a five-day treatment program. Administer CORID at the first clinical sign of coccidiosis, such as diarrhea and dehydration CORID stops the development of merozoites before they further damage the large intestine CORID helps to reduce oocyst discharge in the feces, to reduce disease spread Drinking water or drench administration ensures CORID will reach the intestine, even in animals with reduced feed intake and low gastrointestinal motility CORID is the only coccidiostat that treats clinical coccidiosisactic for bovine coccidiosis in calves.

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