AL0745 Aluminum Fold Up Stand


20″ X 48″ X Deck Height Adjustable Height From Deck to Headpiece 21″- 43 Neckreach Adjusts From Deck Horizontally 0″-8″

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The Aluminum fold-up stand only weighs 30lbs. It has a 20″ x 48″ deck and is 17 1/2″ off the ground. No need for a curved neck reach as the neck reach and head piece extends out from the deck 8″. The minimum neck reach and head piece height is 22″ with a maximum height of 43″. One can order a smaller head piece model# AL0731-S or the new oval one model# AL0730 if one prefers that style.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 28 × 10 in


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